The Airbus C295 addition to Indian Airforce

Airbus C295


India acquired 56 Airbus C295 aircraft in September 2021 to replace the (IAF) legacy AVRO fleet. The first 16 aircraft will be assembled in Seville, Spain, and delivered to the customer in ‘fly-away’ condition. The following 40 aircraft will be manufactured and assembled by the Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) in India as part of an industrial partnership between the two companies. 

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Leaving India for flying

Introduction- Flying in India

In India, presently as I write there are no schools where students can learn flying helicopters. I love my country, but in every country there are certain backdrops which we need to accept.

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Which fuel is used in Airplanes and Helicopters?


Which kind of fuel do they use in aviation??. Is it the same as used in our regular cars and bikes??. This is one of the frequent questions I keep getting from many relatives and friends. Continue reading Which fuel is used in Airplanes and Helicopters?

How much money do you need to be a pilot??


How much money do you need to become a pilot?? Well, I get this question a lot, and my answer is  also the same, ALOT!!

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Delays in flying training


So, when my dad brought me to this flying school 2 years ago, we never expected such delays in flying training. Im not going to write a long post like I usually do. But I find the need to prepare you guys for something very unexpected- Delays!!.

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Student pilot License (SPL)- Earning wings to fly


Walking back home, tired but happy, I’m typing this on my phone. A Student Pilot License (SPL) is the first step before you start flying. Ofcourse there are things you need to do on ground before it, but without an SPL you cannot fly. For a pilot, this is a very significant and memorable day in his/her life. Continue reading Student pilot License (SPL)- Earning wings to fly

Engine division sightings and experiences


Today was a day when the love for aviation was reinstated in my life, we were taken to the Engine division. It’s been 3 months since I wrote now, and it’s been long tiring 3 months. It wouldn’t be possible for me to say what I did in these 3 months, but I’m sure it’s something you wouldn’t want to hear and I wouldn’t want to say either. Continue reading Engine division sightings and experiences

Cut grass all day…

I want to start writing today by saying, these are some really dark days and I have never encountered days like these in my life before. Now, by dark I didn’t mean there’s no sunshine in Bangalore or the tube-light in my room has fused, but inspite of all the light around, I’m not able to feel it, which makes it dark for me!!

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‘God of flying’-The meeting!!


Highlight of today, I met the man!! I met the “God of flying”. Let me tell you what I did in the last 6 days- NOTHING!! Ofcourse I spent hours staring at the ceiling and having the same cheap meals from the same kerala foodjoint. Continue reading ‘God of flying’-The meeting!!

Flying school- First day- RWA


Its been 2 days in Bangalore now, and today was my first day at the flying school, I would say the whole place is pretty old and vintage, but the aircrafts look great!! And the highlight is I saw a fighter jet take-off and my father said-“here goes the Tejas”, he further on went on to tell me that it’s a single engine jet aircraft designed by HAL, and I listened carefully.

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