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The page will provide information on many things you should know as Pilots and Aviators . It also aims to gain the interest of non aviators and give them further insight into aviation.

DGCA class 1 medical application detailed guide

Introduction The first step to becoming a pilot, not only in India but anywhere in the world is medical. In ...
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EGCA Login- How to create one

Introduction EGCA or e-governance of civil aviation marked the digitalisation in the processes of DGCA. DGCA launched this e-services platform ...
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Scholarships for flying training 2022-23

Introduction To start off, we all know, to be a pilot is expensive. And good scholarships is the need of ...
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A covid flying story- The Old Man

Covid flying- Introduction Covid flying has been the most worthwhile flying i have ever done. My name is Capt Sanjith ...
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Cadet pilot program vs Conventional

Cadet Pilot Programme- Introduction Cadet pilot program is the general trend when it comes to flying training today. Lets dive ...
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Flying training- Tips to save money

Flying training hack - Introduction Flying training is one of the most expensive courses to be in. On an average ...
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Requirements to be a Commercial Pilot- Helicopters

Introduction Many of us dream of being a commercial pilot in Helicopters. But very few of us know the way ...
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Requirements to be a Commercial Pilot- Aeroplanes

Introduction Many of us dream of being a commercial pilot in aeroplanes. But very few of us know the way ...
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Flying school- How to make the right choice!!

Introduction Flying is an expensive trade to be in. You have to spend a fortune to become a pilot, but ...
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pilot in india

How can a Commerce/Arts student be a pilot in India??

Introduction When I expressed my views to become a pilot in India, the first thing my parents said is do ...
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Pilot minimum requirements

Minimum Requirements to be a Pilot in India

Introduction So you want to be a Pilot??. Well, I am a firm believer that if you put in enough ...
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scholarships in aviation

Scholarships for flying training in India- 2020-21

Introduction Scholarships are abundantly available in most of the fields. In aviation, they are scarce, or unheard of!!. In India, ...
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Getting lost- First Solo Cross-Country

Introduction So to start with, I got lost in my first Solo cross-country. Not very proud about it, but I ...
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Leaving India for flying

Introduction- Flying in India In India, presently as I write there are no schools where students can learn flying helicopters ...
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Why does India need Jet Airways?

Introduction Jet airways, once a shining star, is in ruins now. We can blame the government, management or whoever we ...
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blockchain technology

Future of Aviation- The Blockchain technology

Introduction Aviation is a continuously evolving industry and one of the latest is the Blockchain technology. Though IATA claims that ...
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Reasons for downfall of Jet Airways

Introduction- Jet airways Jet airways, once the star of Indian aviation is flying its last flight today. The airlines has ...
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skyrider 2

Skyrider 2- Would you like to travel like this?!!

The answer to the airlines constant struggle to make further profits might be the Skyrider 2. We all have been ...
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high altitudes

Why do airplanes fly at high altitudes?

Introduction Have you wondered, why airplanes fly at such high altitudes?. When the pilot can have fun, flying in between ...
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how helicopters fly

How do helicopters fly?

Introduction For most of the people, when you compare helicopters to airplanes, its an ugly, bulky, little thing trying to ...
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fastest aircraft

Top 5 fastest aircrafts in the world

Introduction Fastest aircraft in the world, do you know which one it is?. If you don't, you will now. travelling ...
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flying school

How do airplanes fly

Introduction So, when you see an airplane zooming across the sky, have you wondered?. How do airplanes really fly? ...
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medical fitness for pilots

Medical fitness needed to be a pilot

Introduction Medical fitness has always been the most important aspect of a pilots life. If your not medically fit as ...
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Why is pilot uniform worn

Why do pilots wear uniforms?

Introduction and history of the Pilot Uniform First of all, lets get into the history of pilot uniform. The modern ...
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helicopter pilot India

Life of a Helicopter pilot

Introduction My name is Capt Sanjith Christopher, and I'm a helicopter pilot. I have been flying since the last 4 ...
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Difficult for pilots to maintain relationships

Pilots find it tough maintaining relationships,why??

Introduction So, why do pilots find it difficult maintaining relationships?. This might seem to you as a very funny topic ...
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Which fuel is used in Airplanes and Helicopters?

Introduction Which kind of fuel do they use in aviation??. Is it the same as used in our regular cars ...
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pilot in india

How much money do you need to be a pilot??

Introduction How much money do you need to become a pilot?? Well, I get this question a lot, and my ...
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Can an Airplane pilot fly a helicopter??

Introduction So, I'm a helicopter pilot, but I keep getting questions from people asking if I can fly Airplanes as ...
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Being a commercial pilot in india

How to become a Commercial Pilot in India

First lets cover what are the basic prerequisites to be a Commercial pilot in India. So I'm not going to ...
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