Engine division sightings

Engine division sightings and experiences


Today was a day when the love for aviation was reinstated in my life, we were taken to the Engine division. It’s been 3 months since I wrote now, and it’s been long tiring 3 months. It wouldn’t be possible for me to say what I did in these 3 months, but I’m sure it’s something you wouldn’t want to hear and I wouldn’t want to say either.

Alright, let’s not brood on what’s already gone !! concentrate on today!!

So day and night, loud roaring and rumbling sounds of the engine is heard, on asking one of the engineers, he told me, it’s coming from the engine division and they are testing the engines!! The place is pretty far from where we are, and the fact that we have to cover our ears when they test the engines, signify how powerful these engines are.

The trip:

So today we are being taken to the Engine division!! I reached the school on time, dressed in a crisply ironed uniform, of-course without any ranks!! We were all loaded onto a bus and offloaded at the gate of the Engine division. The huge colossal gates, with statues of legendry aircrafts stood unwelcomingly in-front of us. We were all given IDs to enter, the number on the ID was 63 and I thought to myself, “Do I have a lucky number, well no!! So 63 can be it!!”

We were all lined up and ask to keep our mouths shut. Well again, I cannot disclose much but I will whatever I can. The whole place was kept unbelievably clean and I never heard a humanely voice other than our instructor’s. People strictly stuck to their stations and did their work. Generally inside the buildings it was kept dark and I wondered how they could work in this atmosphere!! I saw engines getting tested, and the way it slowly opened up its exhaust to spit out a huge flame and inspite of wearing an ear mask , I could  hear the engine roar!! We also were taken across the history of Indian aviation and the engines. We were also walked across the pictures of legendry pilots flying these mighty machines.

Lunch and conclusion:

In between all this, I didn’t realize how time passed by and it was lunch time. A bell rang and  all the stations were empty and there was a silent hungry line outside the canteen. Food was being serve at a moderate pace and the people waited patiently. Once the staff was served, we were ordered to stand in line, and we were more than glad. And the rest of the day went as usual. And my usual isn’t your usual!! That was a joke by the way…

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