Getting lost- First Solo Cross-Country


So to start with, I got lost in my first Solo cross-country. Not very proud about it, but I thought it should write about it. Some of you might have gone through it, and some may have not.

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Leaving India for flying

Introduction- Flying in India

In India, presently as I write there are no schools where students can learn flying helicopters. I love my country, but in every country there are certain backdrops which we need to accept.

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Delays in flying training


So, when my dad brought me to this flying school 2 years ago, we never expected such delays in flying training. Im not going to write a long post like I usually do. But I find the need to prepare you guys for something very unexpected- Delays!!.

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Sleeping in hunger- Pilot Stories


So basically when someone told me, they slept in hunger. I could never relate to them as i’v never been through the situation. I have always been under the protection of my parents. Now after almost a year of living outside, I realise that actually I’m on my own!!. So, hunger is not something I was forced to experience before in my life until now!!.

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Student pilot License (SPL)- Earning wings to fly


Walking back home, tired but happy, I’m typing this on my phone. A Student Pilot License (SPL) is the first step before you start flying. Ofcourse there are things you need to do on ground before it, but without an SPL you cannot fly. For a pilot, this is a very significant and memorable day in his/her life. Continue reading Student pilot License (SPL)- Earning wings to fly