Flying school- How to make the right choice!!

flying school


Flying is an expensive trade to be in. You have to spend a fortune to become a pilot, but that also means any mistake you make can prove very expensive. One of the biggest mistake people make while pursuing this trade is in choosing a flying school. These days you can see ads everywhere, come fly with us, cheap rates etc, but in between the age of gimmicks how do you choose the right school for yourself. I have had many friends and colleagues who got cheated by these flying schools. I don’t want you to be next open the list of a fake flying school. So, I’m here to give you some guidance towards finding the right school for yourself.

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How much money do you need to be a pilot??


How much money do you need to become a pilot?? Well, I get this question a lot, and my answer is  also the same, ALOT!!

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Delays in flying training


So, when my dad brought me to this flying school 2 years ago, we never expected such delays in flying training. Im not going to write a long post like I usually do. But I find the need to prepare you guys for something very unexpected- Delays!!.

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Sleeping in hunger- Pilot Stories


So basically when someone told me, they slept in hunger. I could never relate to them as i’v never been through the situation. I have always been under the protection of my parents. Now after almost a year of living outside, I realise that actually I’m on my own!!. So, hunger is not something I was forced to experience before in my life until now!!.

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Student pilot License (SPL)- Earning wings to fly


Walking back home, tired but happy, I’m typing this on my phone. A Student Pilot License (SPL) is the first step before you start flying. Ofcourse there are things you need to do on ground before it, but without an SPL you cannot fly. For a pilot, this is a very significant and memorable day in his/her life. Continue reading Student pilot License (SPL)- Earning wings to fly

Engine division sightings and experiences


Today was a day when the love for aviation was reinstated in my life, we were taken to the Engine division. It’s been 3 months since I wrote now, and it’s been long tiring 3 months. It wouldn’t be possible for me to say what I did in these 3 months, but I’m sure it’s something you wouldn’t want to hear and I wouldn’t want to say either. Continue reading Engine division sightings and experiences

Making my first friend in the field

Omg words are dancing around as I type, but it’s a great day as well, so I have to write this!!

So it’s been a month now since I have been staying in this new house, and i don’t know how to describe the time I have passed here. The stay has been pleasant but at the same time I do not want to even describe the time at RWA(the flying school). But all this isn’t the highlight for today, I made my first friend in Bangalore!!

So the whole day went on schedule, when I mean on schedule, that’s the only thing I have in my life right now, living life as per the watch, by the minute, by the seconds!! So at exactly 8pm I had dinner and when I was returning back to my room, a shadowy figure emerged out of the dark, he was a guy in his late twenties, not very tall, wheatish and shabbily dressed. He asked every Malayalis favourite question, “Malayali alle??”(your a Malayali right) I answered in surprise, “ya”. Well I was in surprise because I hadn’t spoken to anybody in a few days, all I have been saying is “yes sir”!!

Further he asked, “your a pilot right”, and I proudly said “yes!!” And he told that he’s a trainee engineer with jet airways. He then took my hand to shake hands and said, “my names
Dony” and I told him my name. He said come meet the others, though I wasn’t very keen, I still went with him. He and his friend where staying in a room which was near our mess.

I should say, when I reached the room, it reminded me of the old room I used to stay in, shabby and all in a huge mess. A tall, dark guy wearing specks was sitting on the bed, looking at me in surprise. Dony introduced me to him, and I got to know his name is Alwyn. Would you believe the first question he asked me? It was, “do you drink?”. I was dumbfounded with this question of his, i have never really drank before, I have tasted beer a few times, but never really drank, but at the same time I had to make friends, and also keep up an image!! So I said, “ I have tried beer”, so he took out a bottle of brandy out of his cupboard and said, “now try this, Malayalis only brand, MCB Brandy!!”  I said, “I have never tried this”, to which he replied, “c’mon your a Malayali right, you can’t refuse this”, after some convincing I readily agreed.

Dony came in with 3 glasses , water and some chips in a flash and in no time drinks were served. Tonight I had 3 drinks, and I have puked my guts out after that. Ofcourse I was laughed at, but I knew I was in the group. Well more about alwyn, he is an engineer with jet airways too and he was having a really bad day, because of which we had this drinking fiesta!!

I had to be escorted back to my room, and now as I’m typing all this, words are dancing around, and I have nothing in my stomach to puke out. God, I’m never going to drink again!! Just make me feel alright!! But inspite of all the physical issues, I’m sleeping with content tonight, I’m not alone anymore!!