The history of Cockpit



Do you know how the cockpit got its name?? 

The term is used to describe the place from where the pilot controls the aircraft. It is used interchangeably with the word flight deck. It contains all the controls a pilot needs to fly the aircraft. One can also think of the cockpit as the nerve center of the entire aircraft.

There are a few competing theories behind the use of the word, “Cockpit”.

Let’s cruise through three of these theories

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Exit Row Seating


Most of us are familiar with the emergency exit seats which is also called as the exit row seating in Aviation. As common passengers, we often request for the exit row seating for its space and comfort, but let me tell you it’s way more important than that. The CAR SECTION 8 – AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS SERIES ‘O’ PART VIII ISSUE I, 16th August 2017, Section 5A of Aircraft Act 1934 and Rule 133A of the Aircraft Rules 1937 state the requirements to be followed by the operators for exit row seating.

The definition of exit row seating goes as follows:
Each seat having direct access to an exit i.e. a seat from which a passenger can proceed directly to the exit without entering an aisle or passing around an obstruction.

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The Student Pilot License SPL


When I started into aviation, the first step I took is to do my medicals. But a prerequisite before starting your flying training is to get your student pilot license.

I still remember my Student pilot license interview, in which my chief flying instructor, ground instructor, and a representative from DGCA was present. I was sweating profusely even with the air conditioning set at 19 degrees. However it went, you can read my experience in detail here.

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Class 1 medical initial/renewal tests

Close up of an airplane pilot equipment epaluetes with doctor’s stethoscope, forms, medical and pilot certificate. Conceptual image of medical exam.

The first step towards becoming a pilot is your medical. Unless you don’t clear your medical, there isn’t any point in taking any steps further. So first comes your class 2 medical and then class 1. The Class-1 Renewal medical is usually done within one day. The Class-1 Initial Medical may take up to 3 days and class 2 might take upto 2-3 days as well. In this section we will be reading about the tests taken during your class 1 medical initial and renewal and also its validity.

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Why don’t people want to become helicopter pilots??

helicopter pilot

“Helicopter pilots, Daredevils of the skies”,“Real pilots don’t need runways”. These are a few quotes that you normally hear when it comes to a helicopter pilot. When you look at the profession from outside, its a very tempting and adventurous job. After flying helicopters since the last few years I wouldn’t deny it either. But i would like to point out a few negatives because of which people do not want to be helicopter pilots.

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Scholarships for flying training in India- 2020-21


Scholarships are abundantly available in most of the fields. In aviation, they are scarce, or unheard of!!. In India, its even more scarce. The Indian govt and its regulatory authority DGCA, instead of boosting up this field, has only managed to ruin it.

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Future of Aviation- The Blockchain technology


Aviation is a continuously evolving industry and one of the latest is the Blockchain technology. Though IATA claims that the blockchain can only be incorporated by 2035, but alot of advancements are being seen.

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Skyrider 2- Would you like to travel like this?!!

The answer to the airlines constant struggle to make further profits might be the Skyrider 2. We all have been in that crammed economy seat for hours. All we wonder is, can air travel possibly be more uncomfortable??. Unfortunately the answer might be yes.

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