Where can you do your type rating in India


Through this write up I intend to talk about where can you get your type rating in India. After you finish your training on airplanes or helicopters and get your Commercial pilot license, you would be required to do a type rating. So what’s a type rating?? A type rating is a specialized training program that pilots undergo to become qualified to operate a specific type of aircraft, such as a particular model of jetliner or helicopter. It includes both theoretical knowledge and practical flight training to ensure pilots are competent and safe when flying that specific aircraft type. So for example, you will be flying a Cessna 152/172 during your training but after your training you will have to learn to fly a bigger aircraft like the Airbus 320, or Boeing 737, this training is called type rating.

Where can I do my type rating in India ??

So type rating is done at an ATO- Approved training organisation for type rating of flight crew.

An ATO is an organisation that is approved by DGCA or country specific aviation authority to deliver specific approved training programmes to aviation personnel for licensing purposes. As a prerequisite to the approval process this organisation will have demonstrated that it is staffed, equipped, financially resourced, and operated in a manner conducive to achieving the required standards. Let’s have a look at the approved ATO’s in India.


Here comes the most important question, what’s the cost??. It varies from aircraft to aircraft. Generally people train on either A320 or B737. But many these days are training on ATR too due to the booming regional connectivity sector. So it ranges anywhere between 12-15 lakhs for your type rating and this price might go up if you do it with an airline.


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Further you can refer to www.dgca.gov.in

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