Getting a Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s (Restricted) Licence



The Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s (Restricted) License (FRTOL(R)), issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), allows individuals to operate radio communication equipment on aircraft. This license is typically required for those who want to work as radio operators or communication specialists in the aviation industry and obviously as a pilot you should compulsorily have one.

It enables to handle in-flight communications and ensure safety during flights. As per DGCA the privileges of a holder of a Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s (Restricted) Licence shall be to operate radio telephone apparatus on board an aircraft for two-way communications on VHF.

Requirements for FRTOL(R)

Age: He/She shall be not less than sixteen years of age on the date of application of FRTOL.

Educational Qualifications: He/She shall have passed class ten or its equivalent examination from a recognised Board.

Medical Fitness: He/She shall produce on a prescribed performa an assessment of medical fitness from an approved medical practitioner. Basically your class 1 medical is compulsory.

Knowledge: He/She shall pass a written examination and practical test in accordance with the syllabus as prescribed by Director-General.

Experience: He/She shall be the holder of a Student Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Gliders, Microlights, Light Sport Aircraft or Balloons) or a Private Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes or Helicopters) or a Pilot’s Licence (Microlight, Light Sport Aircraft, Gliders or Balloons).

Skill: He/She may, if so necessary, be subjected to a flight check to show his competency in operation of Flight Radio Telephone apparatus on board an aircraft.


The validity is 10 years and generally it gets renewed when you send in your documents for license renewal. As per dgca The licence shall be valid for a period as specified in Rule 39C.


You generally get your FRTOL(R) along with your SPL. You don’t have to worry it’s not very complicated. Thankyou for reading.


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