empty room

Empty room

Sitting in the balcony of a 5 star hotel room in this dark night after a long day of flying. Engulfed in smoke and darkness, the only comfort is the frequent sounds of aircrafts taking off and landing every now and then. A 5 star hotel room, which was a dream once is now nothing but just an empty room.

Looking up in the sky, a few stars smile down at me. Dragging myself to write further, I think what more to write. What more that I write, will console my lonely heart. I look back into the huge elegant room from the balcony. From the spotless glass I see a reflection of me. Worn down by the worries of the world, I wonder is this the person who had once set out to conquer the same world I had set out to win.

My thoughts ponder again upon this room that I call empty, just as my heart. Though filled with things, but nothing to call its own. A room, burdened with elegant furniture, latest gadgets, a bed fit for a king, but nothing to call its own. For a while lets consider the room to be alive, how lonely will it be?. Nothing to call its own, but studded with everything.

Occupants coming and going, but not a sense of ownership. A lizard scampering around the brightly painted ceiling might have been the longest occupant, but even it moves away in search of its prey. Finally, the dark, lonely room is left alone, in memories of its occupants, longing for them to come again.

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