dark night

Dark night

Its a dark silent night, with ocassional gusts of winds rustle through the trees. Though its a dark night, its not darker than whats hiding inside me. Night is the time you really know, how lonely you are, how empty this world actually is. My hearts falling through an unending void. I’m trembling with fear.

Then I ask myself, whats the fear about?. How can a brave soul like you drown in fear?. Isn’t there fear in that question itself?. What have I done in life yet? Have I done anything worthwhile?. Is my life worth living?. Will I unite with the woman I love?. Will I lose my family?. These questions have created the void. The void my heart is falling through.

Sleep is a long lost friend. I look forward to knowing her more, talking to her, understand her. I want her to come back to me. Such good friends we were, when we were kids. Where are you my friend? Why won’t you come back to me?.  I wait for you with eyes wide open, staring into the darkness of this night. I hope some day we will meet again, until then I will drown through these dark nights in misery.

My heart aches, head hurts, stomach churns, as the dark night passes through and I don’t really know what to do. Will I lose myself into the dark night, oh fear you have come back again. The needle of the clock drags through this worthless night, as I drag through hopelessness.

In all this despair and gloom, a gleam of light has struck my face. A new day is here with new opportunities and hope. With chirping birds and shining trees, the light shines across my window pane. Tearing across the darkness and my fears, I’m taught god is here. He’s not forgotten me, he’s just made me stronger, to live a day longer.

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