Difficult and depressed times

Dear readers,

Has there been times where you have felt depressed, deserted, lonely, heartbroken and lost??. Well I’m feeling all of that too. Now I will not tell you what I’m going through, but these are difficult times for me.

Hehe, its midnight and i’m sitting and typing in a blog which nobody reads, and also, i have the guts to start this post saying dear readers!!. I have to tell you, my readership comprises mostly of me. Its nice that I can sit and joke in such hard times.

As, I sit here alone in my room, engulfed by the silence of this night. I get reminded of something, which I think is the fact of life, you will be always on your own. Let me prove it!!. I’m in pain, and if your unlucky enough to read this, I’m assuming you’re going through a bad time too. Now, doesn’t matter what I say or what people say to you, or what they do. you have to deal with your pain on your own. Nothings going to reduce it except time. Of course,  people around you can help you get away with some pain free moments, but we both know it comes back and we continue to go on with our dark depressed moments in loops.

Another fact I learnt is, you are responsible for your own happiness. If I’m in this situation today, its because I didn’t do the right things for myself at the right time. Well you don’t agree right, the best part is, I don’t care if you don’t!!. But I prefer to call it a fact, because its my blog, and facts are what I say they are. You are responsible for your own wellbeing. If you wait for a bloody tooth-fairy to come get you happiness, keep dreaming!!.

Will any amount of smoking and drinking get you across, I don’t think so. It just makes things worse. It slows down your thinking and will just get you addicted. Now thinking further, getting addicted will create health issues and this will just get you more depressed.

So whats the solution??. Well do you think if I had one, I would be sitting and typing all this in the middle of the night. But I think I have a substantial solution. Its prayer. Now I won’t say that its like magic and it will immediately make things alright. For all you atheists out there, try praying. What are you going to lose anyway? If it works out for you then its good and if it doesn’t, you didn’t believe in god anyway right. But prayers make you feel calm and gives you a sense of healing. Finally I know that this post doesn’t make much sense to you, well as I have claimed earlier, “ITS MY BLOODY BLOG”!!.  But,  I would like to pray and hope that whatever your going through in life, it will pass away soon. I hope you will pray for me too.

Don’t forget my favourite phrase, “God didn’t bring you this far to leave you”.

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