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Sleeping in hunger- Pilot Stories


So basically when someone told me, they slept in hunger. I could never relate to them as i’v never been through the situation. I have always been under the protection of my parents. Now after almost a year of living outside, I realise that actually I’m on my own!!. So, hunger is not something I was forced to experience before in my life until now!!.

Making a new friend

Going ahead with what really happened. A month ago, I made a friend called Ali. Now describing Ali, he’s a tall fair guy, who belongs to Hyderabad and is here to do his research on aircraft design in HAL. Ali was a very friendly and well natured guy as per me. He was staying in the same building as me, and we became friends instantly.

After work hours, we used to have dinner together and even sit and chat for a long time. One day we even had a beer together!!. Thanks to Ali, the last month passed away pretty fast. But, thanks to Ali, i haven’t eaten in the last 2 days!!.

Friend in need is a friend in deed..

Lets go back in time for 4 days. I woke up hearing loud knocks on my door. It was 5am. When I opened the door, Ali was standing there with teary eyes. I called him in, pulled out a chair. On asking him the matter, he said his mother had fallen sick. He needed money, to go home and to take care of issues at home. Without thinking, I asked,”how much do you need?”. He replied,”I need 10k, I will return it in 4 days”. Now ten thousand rupees is a huge thing for me, in fact that’s all I have in my account!!.

I thought for 2 minutes, and I could see the helplessness in his eyes. I said, “Bro, 10k is all I have but you can take it, but you sure you can return in 2 days!!”. He replied, “I promise on my mom I will!!”. We walked down to the atm, along the way I consoled him everything will be fine and he listened. I gave him the money and he left in a hurry.

Now I checked my wallet, I had 220 rupees and it would last me for 2 days. And as he promised, he would return the money in 2 days. I’ll be just fine. Day before yesterday, I called up Ali a few times to know about his mother, but he didn’t pick up. I guessed he might be busy with the issues at home. Iv had people falling sick at home, and I know how busy you can get!!.


Yesterday morning, I called up Ali again, and messaged him a few times reminding him about the money. I didn’t have breakfast as I had only 6 rs left in my pocket. I thought, once the bank opens, he will put in the money. By yesterday afternoon, I had called him atleast 20 times and filled his inbox with messages. I was very very hungry. I just drank loads and loads of water, and tried to forget I didn’t eat.

Now with all the humiliation and work at school, along with going hungry, was not fun at all. By night, I had realised, Ali had cheated me. What a stupid I was? All this time I was being fooled!!. Were his tears not real too? Was his mom really sick?. I felt like a fool, hungry fool!!!. Surprisingly I slept well yesterday. Maybe because I was very tired!!.

Finding a way

This morning I decided to eat something!!. All I had was 6 rs and an empty bank account. I thought of calling my parents or a friend for help. Surely, my parents would have helped me, but I would’ve had to hear a lot before any help came. And I’m not a boy anymore, I’m a man, and men handle their problems. I walked up to a known tea shop, asked him for a cup of tea, this costed 6rs, and then ordered 2 egg puffs. I devoured it to the last bit. The tea tasted like nectar and the food was nothing like id tasted ever before!!.

I swallowed it in a hurry as my stomach grumbled with joy. Just imagine, how hunger makes your brain work. I told the owner, that I didn’t have change and will pay him when I get back from school. Now, why would he not trust a so called-rich trainee pilot kid!!. And for now I planned to not come that way in the evening. The day passed on like usual but in hunger. Now humiliation and punishments are the new usual but not hunger!!.


Now as I write, I’m lying down on my bed, listening to some music on my phone. As I lay in the dark, a storm of emotions run in my head. I’m hungry and tired. I’m lost because I have no idea what I’ll do. I feel cheated, you know why. I feel upset, because i’v lost a friend I thought I had. But I feel stronger, you know why, I have endured 2 days, on my own. Maybe it’s god’s plan to prepare me for worse things to come. And I know for sure, I’m stronger than the boy who had come here a year ago!!.

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