Class 1 medical initial/renewal tests

Close up of an airplane pilot equipment epaluetes with doctor’s stethoscope, forms, medical and pilot certificate. Conceptual image of medical exam.

The first step towards becoming a pilot is your medical. Unless you don’t clear your medical, there isn’t any point in taking any steps further. So first comes your class 2 medical and then class 1. The Class-1 Renewal medical is usually done within one day. The Class-1 Initial Medical may take up to 3 days and class 2 might take upto 2-3 days as well. In this section we will be reading about the tests taken during your class 1 medical initial and renewal and also its validity.


Aircrew need to carry the following:-

(a) Copy of the last Medical Assessment & CA-35.
(b) Two passport size photographs and photo id (preferably flying license).
(c) If using spectacles, carry spectacles and a copy of prescription of spectacles.
(d) NOC for delayed/ early/ special medical issued by DGCA, if required.
(e) Any specialist opinion/ report/ certificate/ opinion that was asked for in the
previous medical examination(s).
(f) Investigation reports in original as mentioned at Para No-05.
(g) The Aircrew need to carry 02 copies of CA form 34 & 35 in case of Initial/
Re-initial medical examination and for other medical examinations (Renewal/ Review after TU/ Special) CA form 34A & 35.
(h) Receipt of online deposit of DGCA Medical Licensing Fee (as applicable) in two copies.

Additional requirements for Serving/FATA Aircrew:

(a) Serving officers of Indian Army/ Indian Navy / IAF/ Coast Guard are required to bring:
(i) NOC from competent authority & AFMSF-1 (Unit copy) for Class-I Initial Medical.
(ii) Current Medical Category certificate from AMA/ SMO of parent unit for all medical examinations.
(iii) Self-attested copy of Class X certificate.

(b) In case aircrew is not an Indian national, kindly apply for security clearance (MoD) through Medical Section at DGCA. Aircrew also need to carry their passport (with visa).


Let’s have a look at the tests needed during your medicals.

Class 1 medical
Validity of tests

All investigation reports need to be in original from NABH certified hospital/ NABL certified laboratory or DGCA Empanelled Class I Air Force Medical Centres only and signed by concerned specialist.

The Validity of Routine Blood/Urine Examinations, Blood Biochemistry, ECG (R) and PTA is 01 month. Validity of USG/X-Ray, TMT, 2D Echo, CT scan, MRI, MPI scan & Coronary Angiography is 02 months.


As I conclude, it’s needless to say that you should be well dressed and try to be polite with your medical examiners even if they end up being impolite to you. Make sure that your on time and you have the necessary documentation. Good luck with your medicals. You can read more on

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