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Scholarships for flying training in India- 2020-21


Scholarships are abundantly available in most of the fields. In aviation, they are scarce, or unheard of!!. In India, its even more scarce. The Indian govt and its regulatory authority DGCA, instead of boosting up this field, has only managed to ruin it.

To fly, is a privilege. I keep saying this because its a difficult field to enter into. You not only need strong finances but also the brains to step into this glorious field. Those who are talented, do not have the money and those who have money, aren’t talented enough.

In India, most of the scholarships are caste based, which is mostly SC/ ST and backward class candidates. In the general category, the candidates have to work things out on their own in most cases.

When I finally look at it, scholarships in India are just namesake and just an eye-wash. I will still list out the scholarships presently available in India.

Scholarships in 2020

  1. Scholarship by Ministry of Tribal Affairs

The ministry of Tribal affairs grants 10 scholarships to Indian, ST students who want to pursue CPL after 10+2. Their parents would not be earning more than Rs 44500 per annum. They pay until your PPL training or until 60 hours at Government flying school rates.

2. Scholarships by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

An amount of 3 lakhs each is provided to 2 women who are interested in getting a CPL. But this is available only if you are a part of a government flying school from where your application will be forwarded. Its on the basis of merit. Though its a meagre amount, but still helps!!.

3. The JRD TATA Scholarship

It is for candidates who want to pursue their Commercial pilot training or Type rating training. Every year, students training in India or abroad are awarded upto 10 lakhs on the basis of their performance in the Interview. Check further here..


Unfortunately the above 3 are the only scholarships available in India. I tried researching about the old Air India, GATI and IGRUA scholarships, but its been clear that they have discontinued it. Finally, I would say, if you have a way to get out there and fly, take it!!. I hope to see you up in the air soon.

Thankyou for your time!!.

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  1. I have been after scholarship for CPL now for about 6 years. Let me make it clear there is no scholarships. Scholarship is only available to SC category students ST and OBC etc. don’t get a penny.

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