Reasons for downfall of Jet Airways

Introduction- Jet airways

Jet airways, once the star of Indian aviation is flying its last flight today. The airlines has been crippled by huge revenue loss and reducing market share. I hope, as your reading through this article, deals are being made to revive the airline. In the airline sector, jet airways used to be a sign of hospitality, luxury, punctuality and customer service.

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Skyrider 2- Would you like to travel like this?!!

The answer to the airlines constant struggle to make further profits might be the Skyrider 2. We all have been in that crammed economy seat for hours. All we wonder is, can air travel possibly be more uncomfortable??. Unfortunately the answer might be yes.

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Why do airplanes fly at high altitudes?


Have you wondered, why airplanes fly at such high altitudes?. When the pilot can have fun, flying in between building and under bridges!!!. He still climbs to 35000 ft and prefers to cruise there!!. Why do you think they do this?. Most of you might know the answer to this, so obviously this for those who don’t.

How do helicopters fly?


For most of the people, when you compare helicopters to airplanes, its an ugly, bulky, little thing trying to hold up in the air. But, for me, they are amazing. Being a helicopter pilot, I certainly had to write on this topic. Recently I wrote about how airplanes fly. .I was amazed with the amount of people who wanted to know about helicopters.

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Top 5 fastest aircrafts in the world


Fastest aircraft in the world, do you know which one it is?. If you don’t, you will now. travelling by air is one of the most amazing things to do, but have you travelled fast enough?. Lets look into the top 5 aircrafts ranked hight for its speed and agility.

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Medical fitness needed to be a pilot


Medical fitness has always been the most important aspect of a pilots life. If your not medically fit as per governing authorities in your country, you cannot fly. Its been one of the frequent questions I have been getting from budding pilots.

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Life of a Helicopter pilot


My name is Capt Sanjith Christopher, and I’m a helicopter pilot. I have been flying since the last 4 years. I have accumulated around 2000 hours of helicopter flight time as of now. Though its not much, but its pretty good for a guy who is 26 years old. The machines I have flown are Schweizer 300, Robinson 22, Robinson 44 and Dauphin AS365N. Presently,  I am flying for the Indian Govt and my base of flying changes every month.

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Pilots find it tough maintaining relationships,why??


So, why do pilots find it difficult maintaining relationships?. This might seem to you as a very funny topic to you. But I myself is sitting in this huge luxurious hotel room , hundreds of miles away from home and worried about certain issues in my family.

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