Helicopter pilot- DGCA Detailed syllabus

Helicopter pilot


So you have decided a life of adventure and fun. You have decided to become a helicopter pilot. But, let it be in case of airplanes or helicopters, becoming a pilot is expensive. As I keep saying, research extremely well before you jump in, as every wrong step can prove very expensive. So let’s have a look at the requirements and detailed flying syllabus to become a helicopter pilot.

Minimum Requirements

Age– He/She shall be not less than eighteen years of age on the date of application.

Educational Qualification– He/She shall have passed class ten plus two with Physics and Mathematics. Or its equivalent examination from a recognized Board/University.

Medical Fitness– He/She shall produce on a prescribed proforma a certificate of physical fitness from an approved Medical Board. After undergoing a medical examination, during which he shall have established his medical fitness. All on the basis of compliance with the requirements as notified by the Director-General.

Knowledge– He/She shall pass a written examination in

  1. Air Regulations.
  2. Air Navigation.
  3. Aviation Meteorology.
  4. Aircraft and Engines
  5. Signals (practical) examination for interpretation of aural and visual signals as per the syllabus prescribed by the Director-General.


Reference: Aircraft rules 1937.

He/She shall produce evidence of having satisfactorily completed as pilot of a helicopter or helicopters not less than one hundred and fifty hours of flight time, which shall include.

(i) not less that fifty hours of flight time as Pilot-in-Command of a helicopter.

(ii) not less than ten hours of cross-country flight time as Pilot-in-Command of a helicopter.

(iii) not less than ten hours of flight time as Pilot-in-Command of a helicopter within a period of six months immediately preceding the date of application for licence.

—-out of which not less than five hours of flight time by night.
—-which shall include not less than ten take-offs and ten landing patterns by night.

(iv) not less than ten hours of instrument instruction time of which not more than five hours may be instrument ground time.

Flying syllabus

So in the experience stated above states the basic hours needed to become a helicopter pilot in India. Let’s look at the detailed syllabus to become a helicopter pilot as stated by DGCA.

Have a look at the syllabus above. All the exercises and the hours needed are clearly mentioned along with the hours. And if you also notice, all the hours add up finally to the needed requirement of 150 hours.


All of the above details have been taken from www.dgca.gov.in. Though becoming a helicopter pilot isn’t a very common profession but it guarantees your life for a lot of adventure and travel. So have fun, happy landings.

Incase of any doubts feel free to contact us. Cheers.

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