Flying training- Tips to save money

Save money in flying training

Flying training hack – Introduction

Flying training is one of the most expensive courses to be in. On an average the cost to be a pilot conventionally is anywhere between 50-60 lakhs INR. Almost, 90 percent of the students take a loan to get this training done. A lot of money gets spent unnecessarily, this is what i have realised during my flying training is. There are a few things i wish i could have done differently and saved some money. So that you guys dont make the same mistakes i did. I am listing out a few tips to save money during your flying training. Here we go.

1. Choose a flying school near your house.

So i am not asking you to choose a flight school that is below standards, but you can save alot of money in food and travel this way and also you will never waste time feeling homesick.

2. Do your homework

Before even thinking of going to flight school, research everything about the field like the requirements, regulations, syllabus etc. If your well prepared and are aware of all the rules, the schools will never be able to trick you into spending more money.

3. Try to clear ground subjects on your own.

Ground classes these days cost anywhere between 50000 to 5 lakh rupees. If you can study on your own and clear DGCA exams with your own effort, you save that money. (I know they are a bit tough, but its not impossible, believe me!!)

4. Time management.

Schools generally try to make you fly more and sit through more ground classes, so that they can earn more. But if your well prepared before every flight and ground class and you perform well, they will not be able to force you into flying more than required. Your aim should be to make most of your time in flight school. Also make sure your extremely prepared and confident before every flight check, if not, take it on a later date. 

5. Read through the schools flying training package thoroughly

So,when the school makes you buy their whole training package, have a look into what it includes. In most cases, the package includes things like tshirts and other accessories you dont even need. (I fell for this, make sure you don’t).

6. Choose an economical Aircraft in flying TRAINING

Many schools have multiple aircraft options for you to fly, like the Cessna 152, 172, Piper Seneca etc. Lets take an example of a school with both C152 and 172. The schools and the instructors will always push you to select Cessna 172, of-course because its more profitable for them. But i suggest you choose the Cessna 152 as its cheaper by at least 2000-3000 rupees per hour.


Make an attempt to save money at every point in flying training. Trust me, you will need every penny you have during the course of training.

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You can always go to the DGCA website to gather more information.


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