Life of a Helicopter pilot


My name is Capt Sanjith Christopher, and I’m a helicopter pilot. I have been flying since the last 4 years. I have accumulated around 2000 hours of helicopter flight time as of now. Though its not much, but its pretty good for a guy who is 26 years old. The machines I have flown are Schweizer 300, Robinson 22, Robinson 44 and Dauphin AS365N. Presently,  I am flying for the Indian Govt and my base of flying changes every month.

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How to become a Commercial Pilot in India

First lets cover what are the basic prerequisites to be a Commercial pilot in India. So I’m not going to waste your or my time introducing myself, you can find that in the about section.  As most of you are going to be school and college students who are going to read this. I will break it down in points, like school days!!

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