Why does India need Jet Airways?


Jet airways, once a shining star, is in ruins now. We can blame the government, management or whoever we want. But finally the question arises, does India need JetAirways??. In my opinion the answer is, YES!!.

Me, my family and most of my colleagues and friends have been frequent fliers with Jet over the years now. JetAirways has been active since the last 26 years till now and it has been the face of hospitality and comfort.

Now Jet airways is grounded, 20000 employees jobless and passengers stranded. The grounding of jet has badly hit the airline industry and the passengers. Lets now list out on why India needs Jet airways..

1. Jobs

First and foremost the 20000 jobs that are in jeopardy needs to be considered. The airlines has been known to take good care of its employees, because of which the employees are still standing with the airlines. In India, jobs being one of the major issues, losing 20k jobs just adds on to our countries problems. The government should address the problems these employees are facing and help them find a solution.

2. Face of hospitality in airlines in India- Jet airways

So I ran a survey among a 100 people who travelled by jet airways in the recent past. 90% of them praised jet for its hospitality and service. Of-course as an airlines, there would be problems from time to time. But, being a frequent flier, jet has never ceased to give the premium feel to its passengers. None of the airlines in the industry at the moment can beat the hospitality and service of Jet airways.

3. Loyalty program

No one will disagree that Jet airways has an impeccable loyalty program. I should make you aware that inspite of the airlines being shut down temporarily the loyalty program is still on. The miles can be redeemed in other airlines. The mentality of the company to give back to its customers just proves how much they value the guests. No other airlines in India has such an amazing loyalty program.

4. Domination by budget airlines

With the absence of Jetairways, Indians are left with budget airlines. Eventually these airlines, will increase their fares and we will be left with no other means that paying it. Lack of competition, will give them the power to manipulate and behave with the customers any way they want.

5. Lack of options in multiple sectors.

Let me start with an example, only a few airlines operate to Aizawl, Mizoram. Jet airways used to operate in this sector frequently. With the grounding, lack of flights is causing people to travel all the way from Silchar to Aizawl, which takes around 8 hours. And the same has happened in multiple sectors .What I mean to say is the connectivity for the common commuter has reduced.


Finally I would like to end this article with prayers and well wishes in my heart for Jet airways and all its employees. I hope the airlines comes back in action and give the travellers what they deserve.

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