Plan your Sunday for a productive week

productive week

A productive week is all we need in life. We all have different plans on how to use and spend our Sundays. Though there is no right or wrong way to it the following points will ensure that you have a productive week.

1.Avoid sleeping in– Key to a productive week

Most of us like to wake up late and start late as Sunday is the only day we get to sleep. However waking up late one day could make you feel tired and lazy for the rest of the day . Waking up late also means we are left with very few hours in hand to utilize productively. This in no way means we should wake up at the same time as the other working days. Rather, it means you should avoid sleeping in till midday.

2. Have a goal for the week

It is very important to set realistic goals and agendas for the week. Always remember successful people are those that have a clear idea about their goals. Time is precious and each day should get you closer to your goals. 

3. Plan out the week ahead

 Planning out the whole week in advance will make you more confident and positive about the upcoming week. It will not only save your time during the week but simple things like what to cook, fixing and organizing your appointments for the week, Budgeting your week, scheduling your meetings, checking out deadlines and prioritizing your to do list will avoid a lot of confusion and chaos during the week. But you should also be ready to accommodate last minute plans that might come your way.

4. Finish your pending work for a productive week

It is always better to finish as much as you can on weekends rather than pushing it to the upcoming week. If there is something that you have bee procrastinating or putting off for a long time try to  get it done before it gets too difficult to manage. Paying your bills, sorting your finance, working on pending emails or replying to pending messages and so on.

5.Family time

Dedicate some time to spend with your family. It could be sitting together and having breakfast or joining them for an evening tea. Family is where we truly belong. Family is where we are understood, accepted and loved as we are. Spending time with family motivates and encourages us to be a better version of ourselves which adds to our confidence and postitivity. The love and warmth given by family can lift up our mood and anxiety. Share and discuss your activities and plans with them, be open to their suggestions and opinions as the support they lend can help us through all uncertainties of life.

6. Organize 

Organize your personal space. It could be decluttering your cupboard, tidying your study table or work desk, cleaning your kitchen ,uncluttering your office bag or handbag or even doing all the piled up laundry.It is always amazing to look forward to clean and neat space and things when you are having a hectic week. 

7. Have your me time and invest in yourself

It Is very essential to set aside some quality time to spend on yourself doing things you love doing, for yourself. Take out time to reflect and think, pick up a hobby you enjoy, play a sport, indulge in self care, take a long shower, read a book, go out with friends to your favourite cafe, watch a movie or simply do nothing if that is how you love spending your me time. Always remember there is no better love than self love.

8. Deciding what to wear

Selecting your clothes and accessories for the week and and Ironing what is needed will save a lot of time in the morning when you are rushing for work.

9. Plan something exciting for the week

Plan something like a treat for yourself for the end of the week.This will keep yourself motivated and encouraged throughout the week. It could be planning to go for shopping, a drive, a movie, meeting friends or anything that excites you. It will give you something to look forward to after a busy hectic week.

10. Sleep early

 Go to bed early. Get enough sleep and recharge yourself sufficiently for a whole week ahead.


Ordinary people think merely of spending time, great people think of using it.
The week is yours.. Make the most of it and make it a productive week!.

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You can also do this on a Sunday.

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