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How can a Commerce/Arts student be a pilot in India??


When I expressed my views to become a pilot in India, the first thing my parents said is do not take commerce/arts!!. I used to think, whats wrong in commerce/arts??. These subjects look easier than science and I will have an easier life too.

But my dream to become a pilot acted like a carrot, and I took science and ran behind my dreams. Just to make things clear I still don’t have anything against arts or commerce streams. But, to come into aviation, you need to have science and math.

Minimum Requirement to be a Pilot in India

So as per DGCA the minimum requirements to be a commercial pilot in India is you need to pass Class Ten plus Two or an equivalent examination with Physics and Mathematics, from a recognised Board/University.

But as a Commerce/Arts student you can always get a Private Pilot License, but with this license you cannot fly to make money. This means, you can fly for fun or fly your own aircraft, but not for any other airlines or company and earn a salary.

What you need to do

So, if you are happy with being a private pilot and just enjoy flying, its fine. But to get a Commercial Pilot license (CPL or CHPL), you need math and physics. All you need to do is, approach any board or university like NIOS, ICSE, CBSE, SSC etc and appear for Math and Physics exams.

Now you will wonder, you took commerce in the first place because you didn’t like these subjects. But all you need to do is pass, and no-one is worried about your percentage. So put in some efforts clear these 2 subjects and your are totally eligible to become a commercial pilot in India.

Fastrack your training

Now, the steps to becoming a commercial pilot is through SPL and PPL. Now as we know, for SPL and PPL, math and physics aren’t required. So, if you want you can start your flying training and clear your exams by the time you become a private pilot. This way you can save time as well!!. But if you want to take things slow thats your choice as well!!.


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11 thoughts on “How can a Commerce/Arts student be a pilot in India??”

  1. Sir I’m an commerce student and
    I would love to work in airport rather than flying what should be my qualifications and which stream of study will help me more to get into airport

    1. Hey, there are alot of other staff because of whom the airport actually runs!! Qualification is generally 12th , but graduation always helps

  2. Sir to become a commercial pilot. We should clear JEE exams
    Sir please clear it sir
    Thankyou sir

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